Me: Antsy and Listening

Do you find yourself antsy?
Me too.

Do you struggle to hear God about the din of everyday’s responsibilities?
Me too.

And sometimes I even try to distract myself from the clear, still, small voice calling me to love those I find impossible, go where I dread and pull out habits that I’ve become fond of.

I’m currently living and learning Hindi in South Asia, making friends with my neighbors and learning how to better listen to God’s whispers. In the middle of crazy cows, invading bugs, different cultural cues I usually miss and too many awkward moments to number – I’m antsy.

I’m antsy because I want desperately to be still. I’m trying to ignore the things that don’t matter in favor of listening to the One who does.

This blog is a record of those attempts – the crazy ones and the serious, the successful and the unsuccessful.


4 thoughts on “Me: Antsy and Listening”

  1. Hey, is there a way to email you? Wanted to ask if you’d write a guest blog for me as part of a series. Series won’t start until the end of March. Email me (info below) for details if’n you’re interested/have time…

    • Hi Leanne, for some reason I’m not seeing an email on this post, but I stole an email address off your blogger profile. Hope it’s the right email. If not, my address is sarahkathleenkidd (at) gmail (dot) com.
      What’s your series about?

  2. I love how you think about all this stuff. I find it very interesting to read. I also wish i had the nerve or money to go to another country on a mission trip or something like where your at.

    I am guessing you listen to Newsboys a bit lol Thats how i found this blog in the first place. Its always nice to find someone who likes something you like as well. 🙂

    God bless you

  3. I spent 10 years in India working among the poor until it drove me into a dark depression. I too came from a legalistic background. I appreciate the grace emphasis in your posts.

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