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There are people who think in movement.
Minds filled with ideas and topics that can’t be expressed in words – only with a dance. 

There are people who think not with words, but with images.
Noticing details of a scene they have never seen. 

There are people whose minds have made connections between letters and colors, smells and music.
So ‘G’ is always blue and chocolate cake wafting from the oven sounds like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. 

And this morning as I wake up, the world seems infinitely more – full of color and possibility.

While we’re busy categorizing people and stuffing them into boxes
         – calling some genius and others “slow” –
our Creator is painting with broad strokes.
Sometimes the sky is pink and orange – instead of blue – the ocean is green and foamy white. 

I am – you are – so much more than our labels.
I want to hunker down next to you and trade eyes.
Whisper to the children – they are oh so very free to be whomever they were knitted to be.