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Kirk Cameron’s latest movie gets its trailer blocked from Facebook for about an hour and there’s a massive uproar in conservative-Christian-culture-land. Red-faced shouting about an infringement on Constitutional rights. A trashing of everything America stands for. Religious persecution.

And honestly – I couldn’t care less.

Because poor kids in India are getting sick and dying because their school lunches were contaminated with insecticide.

Because there are still thousands of people groups who don’t have access at all (movie or otherwise) to the religion we claim is being persecuted with the blocking of an advertisement.

Because there are actually hundreds of thousands of Christians in actual prison being beaten and starved for the Gospel they hold dearer than life. Real persecution.

So I sigh.

Sometimes I wonder if I really do belong to the same community of faith as groups who can overlook mourning a senselessly dead child while decrying their own loss to post a link to an internet site.

The same community of faith that builds itself multi-million dollar buildings, calls government-assistance programs a waste of money, and doesn’t bother with the fact that children are the most likely to be poor and on welfare in this country.

The same community of faith that can see injustice when it happens to them, but seem blind to the injustices that happen to racial and ethnic minorities, to other countries (at the hands of our own), to people of other sexual orientations.

The same community of faith that mega-phones its pro-life message when abortion is in question, but falls agonizingly silent when its “largest Christian college” is training students to fly drones that will kill hundreds of thousands. Who drag their feet getting involved in solving issues of gun violence, preventable diseases claiming millions, the unwanted men and women who live on the streets and can be beaten to death for sport without us flinching.

The same community of faith that proclaims our sacred belovedness before God and then whose leaders help to hush up widespread sexual abuse at the hands of well-known evangelical leaders who cry infringement of rights should anyone try to investigate or prosecute.

God help us!

Oh my dear American community of faith… maybe it would be a good thing if we experienced some real persecution. Is there no other way for us to learn what’s really worth our outrage?