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The story behind.

Isn’t there always one?

Why do I judge you?
Assume things?
Act as if I know you when I barely understand myself?

Behind your scraggly appearance, a life spent for someone else.
Behind your vacant stare, a loss that is crushing you.
Behind your silence, a shame in how you speak.
Behind your shrill shouting, a fear you cannot explain.

The story behind.

I want to look for you before I condemn.
I want to listen for you before I’m angered.
I want to understand, to weep, to laugh.

I want to stop judging, stop criticizing, stop taking it so personally that I cannot see you.

The story behind.

When was the last time you pre-judged someone before you knew the full story?
How do you guard yourself against making someone out to be something they’re not?