My first day in London, I took a boat ride down the Thames. In addition to various interesting historical tidbits, our tour guide wanted to make sure we got at least one thing out of the tour. It seemed so vitally important to him, I thought I would pass it along. Are you ready?

Think you know what London Bridge looks like?

Think it’s this?

London Bridge?

Well – you (and I!) would be WRONG. That’s the main lesson of my boat ride down the Thames. There were, of course, other things… which have escaped my memory. But the main one stuck – this

Column of Not London Bridge

is most definitely NOT a part of London Bridge.

This is London Bridge:

Presenting the Real London Bridge

And despite what you may have heard or acted out as a small child of four or five – it looked pretty structurally sound to me…

These Olympic Rings:

hang from Tower Bridge.

Since I had it so helpfully cleared up, I thought I’d pass along lessons learned…