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I blame jetlag.

Pregnant women get to blame “pregnancy brain”.

The absent-minded or chronically weird get to blame “artistic brain”.

As an introvert, I occasionally get to blame “slow brain”.

But not this time. This time I blame jetlag.

Welcome to London!

When I first told you I was stopping over in London on my way from South Asia to the US, it was my intention to end every night during my UK adventure with a blog post giving the highlights and stunning photos from my adventures.

Yet here I am, about to start my last day in the “home of the 2012 Olympics” (the more recent alternative to calling it “London”) and there’s been not a word written.

I could say there’ve been massive power or internet outages preventing me from blogging. But I have left South Asia, after all, and I doubt you’d believe that excuse now that I’m in London.

I could complain about a general lack of adventures and interesting things to write about. But, again, this is London and if I made that excuse, I fear you’d sooner believe me dull than that I couldn’t find anything interesting to do or see.

So instead, I blame jetlag (and in the process, give you a vital tool to use in the future if you happen to travel!).

The London Eye

This is always my go-to excuse after having traveled long distances (or sometimes just the one-hour time zone difference between college and home). They say it takes one day for every hour’s difference for your body to make the full adjustment. I tend to consider this the bare minimum time, however. I can often be found still making the “I’m sorry, it’s the jetlag” comment a full three weeks after arrival in the US from South Asia. (Note: There is not a twenty-one hour difference between my home in South Asia and my home in the US.)

But what other recourse do I have? I’m forgetting about work pending faster than ever. A general malaise falls about me at around 7pm, making it possible to accomplish nothing else but TV watching and potato chip (aka “crisps”) eating. I make the choice to walk the extra 25 minutes to my next tourist destination rather than take the 5-minute tube ride.

I could say I’ve been too busy having a fabulous time exploring history in London.

I could say I’ve been pushing at the edges of my comfort zone going places and talking to people I’m not naturally comfortable with.

I could say I’ve been preoccupied planning tomorrow’s escapades.

But I’ll just blame jetlag.