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I never thought I was going to save the whole world.

Just my little corner of it.

We bring the kingdom of God, they told me. We are lights in a dark world. Wherever we go, we incarnate Christ. I believed them.

I believed that I could bring the kingdom of God.

I believed I could be a light – no matter how small – bright and meaningful nonetheless.

I believed I would incarnate Christ, being His hands and feet.

And perhaps I have.

But mostly I have messed up.

I didn’t realize how stubbornly sometimes the kingdom of God comes.

I didn’t realize how easily candles are snuffed out.

I mistook being Christ’s hands and feet for being Him.

But this world only has one Savior.

It’s not a pretty sight when God has to remind you how powerless you are. How silly and self-centered many of your dreams are. It tends to resemble a confused bird slamming again and again into a window through which it was not intended to fly.

Slowly, though, the window bangs some sense into us. We stop, we look around. We see a massively broken, corrupt world slowly destroying itself. We see how small we are against it. We see how the slow rot of the world is not only out there but also in here. We wonder how we ever thought we could do anything. We see we need a Savior – one that is not us.

We cry to the one Who can bring the kingdom of God.

We look to the One whose light hurts our eyes and is never dimmed.

We beg Christ Himself to come and live with us – to teach us how to be His hands and feet.

And He does. Gloriously, quietly, graciously, irrevocably He takes up the challenge of saving us from ourselves and bringing the world back to order.

For He is the God who is Savior.

This is part of a series on Scriptural metaphors for God. Other parts to the series are The God Who Is, The God Who Is Wind, and The God Who Is Husband