It seems like it’s been a while since I downloaded some of my collection from around the web to you. Here’s what I’ve found interesting recently…

On People’s Attitudes that Will Make Your Stomach Turn: White Until Proven Black: Imagining Race in Hunger Games
Adam says that the pivotal moment in the evolution of Hunger Games Tweets came on or around March 23rd, after he posted a tweet by someone named Alana Paul, a petite brunette who went by the handle @sw4q. Alana’s tweet was not the most offensive or nakedly racist of the bunch… but perhaps the most telling. “Awkward moment when Rue is some black girl and not the little blonde innocent girl you picture,” she wrote.

On a Beautiful Picture of Marriage: What Does a Christian Egalitarian Marriage Look Like?
I can’t tell you what every Christian egalitarian marriage looks like.  You see, far from trying to make men and women exactly alike, Christian egalitarian marriage actually celebrates differences– not just differences between the sexes, but differences in individuals.  There are no boxes that anyone has to squeeze into saying, “This is how you’re supposed to act as a man; this is what you’re supposed to be as a woman.”  Each marriage is a unique relationship between two unique people.

On a Great Way to Handle One Another’s Ups & Downs: How to Respond to Emotional Outbursts
She wasn’t angry, she was sad, and that softened me enough to hear Eleanor’s voice in my head:Just validate. Repeat back what you’re hearing. Be a mirror. I slid from reason to compassion.
“I’m sorry you feel so disappointed with the gift you got. You usually feel good about your gifts but not this time. You’re sad the door doesn’t open like your sister’s.”
She kept crying. But to my utter amazement, what she was crying about abruptly changed.

On the Amazing, Intricate, Culturally-Defined Ways We Look At Choice:

On Marriage, Conversation, and Different Personalities: A Conversation Between  me (an ENFP) and my husband (an ISTJ)
ISTJ: Did you forget about the leftover spaghetti sitting on the stovetop?
ENFP: What spaghetti?
ISTJ: The one sitting on the stovetop.
ENFP: Hmmm. I can’t remember what I was going to do with it. Why?
ISTJ: Did you just get busy? I mean, those are good leftovers. I could have used it for lunch tomorrow.
ENFP: I’m sorry! Oh, I’m sorry! I totally forgot! I got busy with…wait. Whatdid I get busy with? Hmm. Oh, yeah! Taking pictures of the roses in the front yard! Did you see them? They’re blooming!
ISTJ: You forgot to put the spaghetti away because you were taking pictures of…flowers?
ENFP: Yeah! Wait. Are you mad?

 On Egalitarians and Submission: An Egalitarian Re-Learns Submission
“Submission” is so loaded with hierarchical undertones and images of denim-jumpers-of-suppression that I want to extricate it from my theological vocabulary.  But by doing that, I miss out on the opportunity to better serve those around me–especially my husband.  Submission, that act of honoring someone else’s needs and desires above my own, is a gift.  One that I don’t want to give the complementarians exclusive rights to. 

That’s my list! What have you found online interesting recently? What’s been happening over on your blog?