For some reason, I’ve been thinking about this song:

I went to college with the two guys who preform it and accepted the assignment to interview them for the school paper after I saw them live. It’s a powerful song and they are solid lyricists. More words, poems, and music available from one of the performers here.

On People-Helping Introverts Recovering: Grabbing the Oxygen Mask
 But my work is exhausting, and I have to be intentional about self-care. A five step routine of rejuvenating solitude has naturally evolved over time for me, becoming a re-energizing lifeline after any kind of intense interaction.

On a Congressman I Wish Were My Representative: Rep. Bobby Rush

On Life After Exhaustion: 7 Steps to Conquer Compassion Fatigue
Exhaustion at every level of our beings.  From being deeply present.  Serving non-stop.  Giving endlessly.  Pouring out … til there’s nothing left except the dregs at the bottom of the well. 
A sense of numbness slowly creeps into body, mind, and soul.  Joy, passion, zeal, and purpose fade to a distant memory.

On The Funniest, Most Creative Post: Sunday Superlatives 4-1-2012
News that Rob Bell has decided to forgo his trademark thick-rimmed glasses in favor of Lasik eye surgery has many Christian hipsters reeling, with experts suggesting that the post-geeky-hip trend could collectively cost the culture millions.

On Movies To See: AFI’s 100 Years 100 Movies
Found this after seeing the 3D release of Titanic. How many of the movies listed have you seen?

What’s caught your eye online recently? What’s happening at your blog?