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I am stunned by its simplicity.
That even listening to me,
Stumbling over foreign words
With a foreign tongue
She has understood.
She has glimpsed the Father’s love.
She has tasted a new birth.

I am confounded by its complexity.
My words lurch to a halt.
I try to think how I would explain in my native tongue
To native ears.
And still there is too much mystery.
There is too much love to see.
Too much life to explain.

I am silenced by its holiness.
We stop playing with words,
Meddling in the faulty tools of tongue and voice,
They do not work here.
We sit in verbose quiet.
Joy spreading across the room
Speaks for us.

I speak because it’s beautiful.
Lyrics that draw we off-key singers.
Did you ever think we’d be here?
Grace drenching us,
Rolling across the floor.
Joining in the mystery of a Creation singing,
Because who can keep silent?