Below are snippets of what caught my eye this past week online. What about you? What’s been happening on your blog?

On Luxury That Makes Us Poor: A Greater Poverty
Yet somehow this sister of mine, who labors long and arduously, who faces peril with no financial buffers, is infused with a joy that I do not see often enough in my own life. Somehow her radiant smile of contentment and trust in God outshines the smiles of many of her affluent western counterparts.
How in the world could that be?

On An Unpopular Style of Leadership: Collaborative Leadership
The most efficient way to lead, if you want to be completely pragmatic about it, is via dictatorship. 

On Overcoming Trauma: How One Man Began to Heal
When it came to war, Mr. Miller had seen it all. Charging banzai attacks. Severed heads. Bloody arms, legs, and torsos. The works.
After he came home, a man doesn’t forget these things instantly, he said.
I asked him what helped.

On Laughable Language: Paraprosdokian, Anyone?
The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it’s still on my list.

On Intersections Between Faith & BusinessScattered thoughts on my life in the Christian “industry”
A lot of churches have green rooms these days.
And I’m not sure how I feel about that. 

On Intersections Between Faith & Cliche: Shoot Christians Say
 Here is what happens when the Word of God brushes against humanity: Stories. Discussion. Fresh metaphor, strung together like so many beads on a string. The Kingdom of God is like this … and like this … and like this other thing over here. It’s a seven-mile walk to a place called Emmaus without a Gospel tract in hand or the Roman’s Road paradigm to quote—just the messy truth of it all, hashed out among new friends.

On Defining Ministry by its Failures or Successes: The President or Court Jester?
Three weeks ago today, I stood at a podium directly in front of Speaker John Boehner and his startlingly loud gavel, and offered the opening prayer for the day in the House of Representatives.