For a long while now, I’ve been meaning to start a tradition on the blog. For one reason or another, you’ve decided to give a few minutes a few days a week to read the random ramblings that make their way onto this blog. It would be dishonest of me to say those ramblings form themselves in a vacuum. I enjoy reading others’ blogs even more than I enjoy writing my own and their well-written thoughts inspire me to craft a few thoughts of my own. So, each weekend, instead of making you read something else I’ve written I’d like to share with you things I’ve read that I’ve found interesting or helpful. And in the comment’s section – please feel free to post things you’ve found interesting as well.

On Not Letting Problems Define You:

On Recent Evangelical Controversies: The Radical Femininity of Christ
Indeed, the whole life of Christ is decidedly opposed to the masculine norms of his day.
Is it any wonder that in the history of the earliest church, those most likely to follow the risen Christ – this radical reorienter of the status quo – were those most marginalized by the pagan Jewish and Roman societies in which Christianity began: the poor, the slaves and the women?”

On Seeing Things As The Victim: Seeing Her
Two weeks ago I was asked by our Psychology Club to share a few thoughts for their Club chapel. The theme for the chapel this semester is to share about characters in the Bible who have affected or inspired your spiritual walk.
I selected the unnamed concubine from Judges 19.”

On The Beauty of The Gospel: A Better Gospel
Rather than a system or formula, God has given us a drama, a drama which we are taken up within, a drama in which the script becomes embedded and embodied in us in Christ. Unlike a system or formula, this drama radically transforms us as subjects, in our identity, our agency, our subjectivity, and our actions. This drama makes us part of a body of actors in Christ, and reveals the whole creation to be God’s stage.”

On What you Need to Fulfill a Calling: The One Thing Every Writer Needs
It’s from the perspective of a writer, but her words about what it takes to meet a dream apply to all sorts of callings.

Those are some things I’ve recently found interesting. What about you? And what’s happening on your blog?