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Rob Bell has stirred his share of controversy in Christian bubbles and probably isn’t done with that anytime soon. I’ve not read one of his books and never heard a sermon of his. The interviews and short video snippets I’ve seen are always thoughtful and thought-provoking.

No less so his recent interview with Skye Jethani for Christianity Today’s Out of Ur blog. I don’t agree with everything he says, but there’s something to learn from everyone we don’t agree with, right? I encourage you to go read the short interview before finishing here…

Done…? Okay.

What’s stuck with me is this line:

Do what you do with every ounce of energy and passion you have, give it everything you’ve got, put in the hours and pour out the sweat and blood and don’t hold anything back. That’s an act of worship, it is holy in itself.

My impression about Bell from the various sources I’ve already mentioned (which aren’t many, I grant) is that he’s not into titles. He doesn’t like labels and categorizations. This is fairly common in the emergent church movement.

I don’t like that. Not because I believe it doctrinally unsound or disagree. Actually, I agree to a large extent. What makes me uncomfortable is that it’s easy to have a title. It’s easy to be categorized as “pastor” or “doctor” or “teacher”. That’s business card printing easy

What’s difficult is pouring yourself into your role. It’s difficult to lay everything out on the line, putting all energy and passion into what God’s put it on your heart to do. It’s difficult to worship with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind in a job where there’s interpersonal conflict, stress and long hours.

Maybe that’s why we separate the two? So we can mindlessly, passively fulfill a title – believing that to be enough.

Meanwhile, a dying world waits for us to rise up with holy passion and live out our calling to be light in dark factories, office complexes and school houses.