Sometimes there are signs in South Asia written in a language I don’t understand.

Sometimes there are signs in South Asia written in English that is so bad, I’m not sure it’s really my language.

And sometimes there are signs that are perfectly clear that make me laugh so hard.

Two such signs presented themselves on my recent trip to the capital…

How hard you laugh at this first one probably depends on how long you’ve spent time in a culture like South Asia’s…

"No Hawking, No Squatting Zone"

Just in case you were wondering...

And this one I found in the entry by the impressive, modern metro system recently installed in the capital. If you were planning on traveling with one of these items, you’ll need to make plans to go by another means

Prohibited material

Taking this? Take a taxi!

The last forbidden object is on there because of the Hindu ritual of disposing of their dead relatives’ remains – after cremating them – in the Ganges river. Those ashes have to get to the river somehow… it just won’t be on the metro!

Have you seen a funny sign recently?