A promising way to start off a massage

While I was getting a massage over my vacation, I was laying there completely relaxed and enjoying getting the knots worked out of my shoulders. My mind was wandering when suddenly God asked, “You do know that I love you as much right now when you’re just getting a massage as when you’re studying my Word or sharing my Good News, right?”

It gave me a moment of pause. My answer was, “No… but yes…”

Theoretically I know God always loves us. But I act as though His love waxes and wanes depending on whether I’m doing something specifically “Christian” like serving in a Sunday School class versus just going about my daily business.

In Becoming a Woman of Freedom, a quote from Frank Barker is included that says, “God called you to be His beloved, not His beast of burden”.

I live too often believing I am only loved if I work like a beast of burden. But a beloved is loved because the lover loves.

I challenge you to spend just a few minutes at the start of your week meditating on God’s always-love. Let it blow you away just a tiny bit.

I have loved you with an everlasting love… Jeremiah 31:3