Still enjoying fried chicken... for now!

I’ve been meeting a lot of vegetarians lately. Which isn’t necessarily odd, since I live in South Asia – which is practically the capital of the vegetarian world. But I’ve also been meeting Europeans and Americans who don’t eat meat. It’s made me start wondering why more Christians aren’t vegetarian.

Here are some of the pro-vegetarian reasons I find compelling. I wonder what you think about them…

  1. If you believe that there was no death before Adam & Eve sinned in Genesis 3, then that means meat eating is a result of the curse of sin. It seems clear that there will be no death to support meat eating in the New Heavens & New Earth. The church is the earthly outlet for the Kingdom of God here and now and should reflect a bit of the harmony and restoration that will appear fully one day. Doesn’t that mean in our eating habits too?
  2. It’s healthier to be a vegetarian versus the massive meat-intake most Americans live with. Ask a North American Christian why you shouldn’t smoke or do drugs and you get an answer based more or less on the idea that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Why doesn’t that temple logic apply to our meat eating habits?
  3. A reason often given in justification for slaughtering and eating animals is that they don’t have a soul – so it’s not like we’re murdering them. They are so far below us on the intelligence and “sentience” level that it doesn’t matter.
    But consider God’s kind treatment towards us human beings who are so far below Him on the intelligence and sentience level. Why don’t we reflect that kindness in our treatment of beings similarly “below us”?

Okay, so I’m still only a vegetarian by force – the city I currently live in is a completely vegetarian city. I still enjoy big cuts of meat when I head to other cities. So I’m not condemning your eating habits. Just asking some of the questions that I’ve been encountering.

If you’re not a vegetarian – how do you answer those three objections or what else keeps you eating meat? If you are a vegetarian – why? What other reasons are there for not eating meat?

**Photo by zh1young on everystockphoto