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Do at least one adventurous thing.

That’s the goal I set before I went on vacation. For some people, adventurousness equals vacation – but not for me. I like my comfort zone and build a new one quickly when traveling. I wanted to challenge myself out of that comfort zone.

So I went zip lining.

The company I went with picked me up for my jungle flight, along with five other passengers. We arrived at the “base camp” – which was in a beautiful location.

Zip Lining Local

I was given a hair net, helmet and the harness that would keep me from careening to my death. (Who are we kidding here? In the case of harness malfunction that helmet isn’t going to do squat.)

Ready to Zip Line

I was the only one signed up for the short “flight plan”, so in the comfort zone of every homeschooler, I was the only one in my group with two guides. One guide gave me a safety speech, but his English was… garbled. I understood “we’ll do everything” “cut fingers off” and “sit down”. I hoped I’d pick up the rest by osmosis watching him as he zip lined ahead of me.

The one phrase I heard throughout the day was “sit down”. They say it very calmly and nonchalantly as if you’ve just arrived at their house for high tea. As if sitting down normally results in hanging in mid air. But it’s their way of explaining to you how to put yourself in the position of entrusting your life entirely to this clip…

Trust your life to me...

As you lower into the sitting position, the guide still on the platform with you gives the zip line a jerk upwards that sends you off. It’s like you’re flying. Except that I can’t take my hands off the harness, even though I know my added white-knuckle pressure is not going to save me if something snaps…

From my perspective…