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After three exhausting, stressful weeks trying to get my visa renewed (more on that later), I headed off to Thailand for some vacation time. I knew I needed a chance to unwind, but it turned out the “unwinding” was more like a loaded spring going off.

And I was just still in the airport. Wandering through hallways singing softly under my breath, squealing in delight at finding pleasures I’d forgotten exist and taking pictures of random things I found funny.  Like…

Bathroom flowers

I love that Thai’s value decorating and beauty. There are flowers and flower arrangements everywhere. These beauties were in the bathroom in the airport.

What's missing?

This is the sign declaring the presence of bathrooms… which I needed desperately. What strikes you as odd about the available options?
I ended up using the disabled…

Thank you, America!

Not a fan of greasy whoppers in the US, I felt unusual happiness when happening upon a Burger King in the airport. I don’t think anyone’s ever ordered a whopper meal with quite so big a grin on their face as I did. I added bacon to it… just to anger both sides of my adopted family back in India (beef and bacon – fabulously enraging combo…). My stomach is still trying to recover itself.