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It seems like there’s a widening conversation in Evangelical circles about our theology of Prosperity and Poverty. Things like Pastor Mark Driscoll’s Poverty Theology Parable which not only argues that it’s an act of disobedience to give away things that God has given us, but also seems to imply that it’s better to have a “heart full of fun” rather than a “head full of tears”. (Not sure what that does to Jesus’ pronouncement that those who mourn and weep are blessed… but I digress). Many answers to Driscoll’s parable, like this one, continue the conversation.

Reading the response blog, I thought of a video conversation I’d recently seen between Mark Driscoll, Francis Chan and Joshua Harris where Driscoll seems to hammer Chan a bit for tending towards this “poverty theology”.  I’ve put it here for your viewing pleasure (that part of the conversation starts around 8:45)…

In this conversation, I love the look on Chan’s face as he describes the joy and the sense of honor he feels at being able to live simply and give money away. He uses the words “blast”, “fun”, “excitement”, and “rush” to describe generosity.

It seems clear to me that Chan is rich in a completely other way. Not quite a theology of poverty, but of being rich in the right way!