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I was fourteen and like those from the generations of Pearl Harbor and JFK’s assassination promised I would, I still remember exactly where I was when I first saw the fatal damage to the Twin Towers.

I remember being hunkered down that night in the familiar wooden pew. I was trying to pray, but distracted with checking again and again that the people I knew and loved were still sitting close by, safe. I remember looking up at the vaulted church ceiling and wondering what it would be like to have its ancient wood burning and melting down upon me like I’d seen the metal beams of the towers do on TV.

I’m told it’s one of the events that will define my generation. It’s the first national tragedy that we Generation Y-ers remember. For us, there is no life before terror alerts, debates over privacy at airport scanners and the overriding sense that we are not really safe. Anywhere.

It seems that by the tenth anniversary we are supposed to be able to make sense of it. That I should be able to sit down and write a coherent blog post about something… God’s sovereignty or world peace or facing tragedy. I find myself unequal to the task. I’m surprised at how much sadness and shock still floods the room when I sit down to think about that day.

So I will leave the task to wiser minds.

I did my undergraduate studies at  Moody Bible Institute. While there, two of my absolute favorite professors were Dr. John Koessler and Dr. Rosalie de Rosset. I never cut their classes (even though one was an 8am!) and I still quote them to other people. They taught me how to think critically and challenged me to live more like Christ.

So when Dr. Koessler posted on his blog that he, Dr. de Rosset and Skye Jethani, all participated in a radio interview about the September 11th anniversary, I downloaded immediately. Their conversation reflects on many of the themes we should be thinking about today. And they do it much more thoughtfully, gently and with more wisdom than I can muster.

I encourage you to check out the interview on Moody’s Inside Look program.

What’s something you still wrestle with/think about from 9/11? Do you remember where you were? What your first thoughts were?