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This morning I awoke with a hangover.

This hangover was not alcohol induced.

It was insecurity induced.

Yesterday, two different people, four different times, hinted that my life would be better if I were married and/or a mother.

I expect this from my Indian friends, whose culture pounds into their girls from birth that they have no identity outside of marriage. But these were foreigners. Westerners.

It made me wonder if my life really is horrible and lonely. If I’m such an incomplete person that I need at least two more people to make up for my deficiencies.

I’ve heard comments like this a bazillion times and they usually don’t phase me. I’m happy being single. While I’m sure there are great blessings of marriage I’m not experiencing, watching wives and mothers attempting to balance the demands on their lives reminds me that life is no less challenging with a wedding ring on.

We’re given messages like this daily. You’re not pretty enough – buy this make up. You’re not thin enough – buy these diet pills. You’re not productive enough – buy this time management book. It’s enough to make a person feel drunk with insecurity. Drunk enough to leave a hangover.

For some reason, it was comments about my family status that left my head pounding.

The “morning after”, I woke up feeling dissatisfied with everything from the God-given plan for my life to how much toothpaste came out on my toothbrush.

A bit angrily, I sat down and cracked open Ephesians. Something in chapter one caught my eye:

 And you also were included in Christ… you were marked… with the Holy Spirit who is a deposit… until the redemption of those who are God’s possession.

I instantly thought of my laptop. It’s my most valuable possession. I’m careful to dust it, keep water away from it and not leave it behind in hotel rooms. If it were sentient, it would have no doubt that I value it.

I am God’s possession. He is careful to cleanse me, keep me from danger and heal my wounds. I do not need to doubt that He values me and will give me whatever I need. That includes – if He wanted to – a husband and children.

My sense of insecurity was instantly challenged and put to rest (for the day, at least). Whatever deficiencies someone else sees in my life don’t matter. He values me, enough to die to redeem me, and that is enough to make me valuable.

If you’re feeling a bit insecure today because you’re…

single or married…

mother of twelve or childless…

too young or too old…

not powerful enough…

out of touch or too swept up in the world…

too exhausted or too jumpy…

Remember: before everything else, you are Christ’s possession.