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I’m back! Part of the reason for my two-week absence was involvement in co-leading a Women’s Retreat. As I get back into normal (and blogging) life, here are some of the thoughts from the retreat that really challenged me. Brenda Anderson spoke on the book of Philippians.

On Joy

The book of Philippians was written during Paul’s imprisonment, yet is full of some of the most encouraging words on rejoicing and joy in the Bible. (If Paul can write on joy like that from prison, then what’s my excuse?)

Paul did not find joy in the prison, he took it with him into the prison.

Joy is confidence that my relationship with Christ is good. All of Paul’s painful circumstances only drew him closer to the Lord and therefore increased his joy.

On Unity

If you’ve been encouraged and helped by your unity with Christ, then why are you not passing it on to others? (Phil. 2:1-2)

A disregard or indifference to others is a mark of spiritual immaturity. It is selfishness.

On Perfection

God is responsible for the completion and perfection of the work in you. (Hope for perfectionists!)

All of our achievement comes out of the overflow of God’s work in us.

Our prize is not necessarily Christlikeness, but Christ Himself.  Being like Christ is the best way to be effective for Christ.

On Servanthood

Servanthood is two things: helping others and taking orders.

We can have a restful life instead of a driven life because we trust Him to bring the fruit from our servanthood. We look to Him to give us both the task and then the fruit.