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Bollywood (India’s movie capital, much like Hollywood) movies are so much fun! They tend to be a little long (just plan on surrendering your whole evening to one of these), but are often so worth it! They offer a fun chance to dive into a bit of Indian culture without traveling to the subcontinent. Here are my top picks…

Three Idiots is my all-time favorite Bollywood because it combines some serious subject matter (did you know that every 90 minutes a student in India commits suicide because of the academic pressure?) with some really funny moments.

I pulled 1947 out to watch when I was having a night in involving a pedicure and chocolate ice cream. I proceeded to let the ice cream melt as I watched a disturbing portrayal of the events surrounding the partition of India. While this may not be a good girls-night-in movie, it is a good introduction into some of the history that still affects our world today.

Anjaana Anjaani is a cute, fun romantic comedy with a really cute guy who can dance too!

Kal Ho Na Ho – which, roughly translated, means “tomorrow could be, or not be” has a tear-jerk ending, a wonderfully romantic story in the middle and a fun rendition of “Pretty Woman” in the beginning. What more could you ask for?

I suggest renting one of these movies from your favorite online rental store, grab some take-out at the Indian restaurant closest to you, and settle in for a night enjoying another world. (Don’t forget to turn the subtitles on!)