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Women are missing.

In Asia, there are about 160 million “missing women” due to sex-selective abortion and a preference for male children. That’s more women missing in Asia than exist in the USA.

It saddens me when I hear a female leader in an organization, feel the need to defend someone of her gender in that position. Not herself personally, not her ideas – but to defend anyone under the moniker of “her” leading.

I know of several marriages – both in the US and in South Asia – where the woman is voiceless. Where her opinions and beliefs aren’t just unvalued, but are not even heard.

Recent research suggests that groups containing close to an equal number of men and women are actually smarter (come up with better solutions and plans) than groups made up of a single gender. Read that again. I’m not man bashing. Groups work together better when there’s a balance between the genders. When women are missing, the group is dumber. When men are missing, the group is dumber.

And why should that surprise or frighten us? Isn’t that the way God created things to be – man and woman, together, as complimenting partners in a life-dance that takes two? Why wouldn’t we expect the dance to be poorly done when one of the partners is missing?

Are we dumbing down our families by telling women to be silent followers instead of active partners? Are we dumbing down our churches by insisting that women have no place in leadership committees? Are we dumbing down our world by questioning a leader based solely on her gender and aborting girls before they have a chance to enrich us?