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So I mentioned that I read Choosing Gratitude by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and it challenged me to start working on my deficient levels of gratitude. Like any other spiritual discipline, I think building a lifestyle of gratitude means at first making it a conscious, habitual decision in the hopes that one day it’ll flow from me more naturally than complaining does now.

DeMoss includes a 30 day Devotional Guide to help people like me start building a habit of thankfulness. Every day there’s a Scripture reading and a meditation on gratitude, as well as suggestions for writing down things I should for which I should be thankful.

On day six, the challenge was to go back through all the reasons for thankfulness I’d written so far and choose a “Top-10”. I thought I would share it with you in hopes it might spark your own reasons for thankfulness!

 My Top Ten…

 1)      Jesus. His life, His sacrifice, His love.

2)      Salvation – so rich & free.

3)      Seeing God working through and knitting together the experiences I’ve had – good and bad – to teach and grow me.

4)      My family.

5)      Old friends like Anna, Corrie, Cathy Jo, Rachel and Heather who faithfully email and stay involved in my life and new friends who’ve joined me in the journey.

6)      Strong, godly men – starting with my dad – who’ve been and still are a part of my life. Now living in a culture where the majority of the men I encounter aren’t of the polite sort – I appreciate their godly example even more.

7)      Beauty. In people and places.

8)      Getting to watch and be a part of God working in the lives of other people.

9)      The amazing South Asian family I have found.

10)  The mentors and shepherds who have walked with me during so many dark times.

That’s my top ten… what is yours? What are some things to which you continually return to remind yourself to be thankful?