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It always amazes me how refreshing it is to see simple truths again from a different angle. Concepts like love, faith, truth and grace – even though they are immensely unfathomable – after a while can begin to seem stale. So I love it when I find a different picture to explain a concept that’s gotten a bit stale. For example…

Did you know that the Chinese character meaning “righteousness” is made up of two different symbols?  They’re stacked on top of each other. The bottom character is the word for “self” or “me”. The top character is the word for “lamb”.

Literally translated, the Chinese word for “righteousness” is “lamb over me”. This hearkens back to ancient practices of animal sacrifice as a way for sins to be covered. But what a beautiful picture of the final Lamb whose death covers us and whose perfect righteousness becomes our own.

Thank you, Jesus, that you are the “Lamb over me”!

Have you run across a picture or explanation that’s brought a long-heard truth back into the light of new appreciation?