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…In the middle of counseling an angry, fist-fight-prone young boy, a careless group of women constantly interrupts us. I’m also impatient for a call from some estranged friends who wanted to talk about why they left our church….

That’s the dream I woke up from this morning. Unfortunately, each of those conflicts are not dreams. The young boy who fights with everyone, the careless woman interrupting, and the estranged friends – each has or is happening.

The dream was so vivid that I feel like I really re-lived these conflicts last night. I feel a bit exhausted. So much pain, so much hurt, so much disunity and carelessness. So many broken friendships along the way. My heart sobs, Why?

Today is Pentecost Sunday. The day we’re supposed to celebrate the coming of the Spirit who would be our Counselor, Teacher, and Unifier. Unifier. Jesus spent a really long time praying that we would experience unity. And not the cheap, fake kind that smiles from the pew at 10am and gripes on the way home at 11:15am.

One of the new songs by Yusuf Islam, formerly Cat Stevens, is “Maybe There’s a World”. In it, he sings,

I have dreamt of a place in time, where nobody gets annoyed…

… of a world… [where] nobody’s takin’ sides.

He clearly doesn’t find it in this world, so he wonders in the chorus,

Maybe there’s a world that I’m still to find. Maybe there’s a world that I’m still to find.

I’ve listened to that song about four times this morning.

I’m longing for the world we’re still to find. The unseen world, the Heavenly country. Where true unity flourishes. Where we’ve been perfected so that petty personal differences and our own selfish desire to steer clear of painful conversations are cleared away. Where we celebrate together. Together.

In reading my Bible, I guess that by being a part of the Church – the body on whom the Holy Spirit was poured out – I’m supposed to have already found a tiny piece of that Heavenly world here on earth.

Instead, I’ll be spending this morning mourning the loss of some friendships and wondering if we could ever be restored to one another.

Maybe there’s a world I’m still to find.