I’ve been thinking a lot about freedom lately. Partly because I’m in the middle of writing a story about people seeking freedom. Partly because I’ve been studying it in Becoming a Woman of Freedom by Cynthia Heald.

Freedom and its use is a hot topic. People are using their freedoms of speech and press to hurt others. There are people selfishly lavishing their wealth on themselves because they are free to use their money the way they want. Then there are the participants of the “Arab Spring” facing down dangerous dictators in hopes their country will be freer. There are volunteers and public servants working to free those captive in the worldwide slave trade.

It is interesting walking as a believer through a world so concerned with freedom in all its various forms. A huge component of our faith is the freedom we find in Christ. Yet that freedom isn’t of the “do-it-any-way-you-want” variety common to American ideals. There are constraints that come with Christ’s freedom.

And I continually find myself surrendering the freedom I’ve found in Christ to lesser masters. I enslave myself to others’ opinions, to what my culture says is valuable, to bitterness and unforgiveness. Why is it such a constant battle to claim my freedom from these things?

As I think through these issues of freedom – I wonder what you think. How do you define freedom? Is your definition of freedom different for the political and spiritual worlds? How do you avoid unintentionally surrendering your freedom to the dictators of culture, opinion and past failures?

I’ll write more later… Just interested in what you have to say first.