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I’m reading a book right now about stress, overload and margin. In a chapter about emotional resiliency, the author says laughter is an important part of being emotionally resilient. Did you know that babies at four months old are laughing once every hour? That four-year-olds average a laugh once every four minutes? But we dower adults laugh only fifteen times per day?

Well, here’s a shout-out to help with your emotional resiliency. I highly recommend Brian Regan to help boost your average laughs-per-day. You will never think of flying or the emergency room again without chuckling to yourself. Better yet, get a friend to listen with you and then you can quote lines back and forth to each other the rest of the day.

I have one of his CDs and it’s a staple on every road trip I take. Best of all – he’s clean, so there’s nothing you need to sensor for your family.

Hope he helps you meet your laugh quota for the day and lower your stress. Happy Wednesday!