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This week’s shout out is to fruit. Fruit is one of the reasons I love summer. Since I previously told you of my love for mangoes. Here’s a few more odes to more lovely fruits…

"Brown, Rotten" Apples

My favorite thing to do with apples is to cut them open and spread peanut butter all over it. While this is a delicious way to eat an apple, WARNING it may cause your Taiwanese roommate – who does not understand the American dedication to peanut butter – to wonder why your apples are always brown and rotten inside… But still, a great snack.

Chip Replacement Therapy

Grapes are such a great fruit for grabbing as a snack instead of a bag of chips. And since chips were involved in my decision to keep a Lenten fast this year, I’ve been eating a lot more grapes as of late. Their little round bodies of juicy goodness… especially after being chilled in the fridge… are so refreshing!


Despite Brian Regan’s opinion on the lack Banana’s pairing appeal (it’s the last forty seconds of that video) – I love putting bananas in cereal or with other fruits in a fruit salad. Or with peanut butter… have I mentioned peanut butter before?

The Way We Party

My roommate Rachel cannot get oranges where her family lives in Uganda and rediscovered them with delight here… so between the two of us we go through about a kilo of oranges every two days. Cleaning up after the weekend includes picking up the empty (soda) bottles, re-ordering the cushions from their Friday Bollywood movie night arrangement, and throwing out about six orange peels that somehow got lost under the couch. That’s right. We know how to party.


Strawberries have graced our fridge only once this year and they were a hard won prize.
We asked the strawberry salesman how much.
Salesman: “80 rupees ($2) for 1/4 of a kilo”
Ready to give our left arms for the lovely red fruit I hadn’t eaten in over a year, we started reluctantly picking out 1/2 kg of strawberries.
Another woman walks up.
“How much?” she asks.
Salesman: “50 rupees ($1.25) for 1/4 kilo”
Rachel says to me: “I’m pretty sure he just told that woman they’re only 50 rupees.”
Me: “What? Really?”
Strawberry Salesman: Oh no, they understood that Hindi.
A man walks up and inquires after the price.
Strawberry Salesman: “60 rupees ($1.50) for 1/4 kilo”
Me: apparently he can’t get his price settled.
Me to the salesman: “Oh. These are 60 rupees?”
Salesman: uncomfortable nod
Rachel: “We’ll give him one hundred rupees for the whole 1/2 kilo.”  hands him a hundred rupee note
Salesman: sheepishly “Ten rupees more?”
Rachel: “No. That’s the fair price.”
We walk away.
Sarah: “I’m really glad you’re my roommate, Rachel.”
Rachel: “Pass me a strawberry.”


What’s your favorite fruit? Do you eat it straight up, or add something like peanut butter or chocolate?