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Maybe you’re like me and you think it’d be really great to write a book or two.

Okay, maybe not.

You may not want to write a book, but I’m sure you’ve got an “impossible dream”. One that “could never happen”.

When I’ve told the Lord that I don’t think “x” will ever happen – He usually says, via someone else’s blog or book, “Yea, it’ll never happen if you never work on it!”

So I’ve decided to start working on one of my dreams. To write a children’s novel.

I’ve wanted to decide this several times, but the desire usually gets swallowed up by other “urgent” matters. And then there’s still my full-time job of living, learning and working in a foreign country.

So to remind me of this dream and decision, I made an “inspiration board”. It hangs right above my desk and right where I’ll see it when my alarm goes off early in the morning. Its got a few sayings, a verse, and a purpose statement on it to remind me of why I’m trying to follow this dream. Its a good reminder.

My Inspiration Board

What’s a dream you’d like to start working towards, but lack a little motivation or inspiration for? What verses, sayings or pictures would help encourage you to keep going when it feels like “it’ll never happen”? Why not hang a few of them up somewhere to remind and inspire you towards the dream God’s placed in your heart?