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I have started saying “interesting” a lot. To a variety of situations…

… A way to blow off steam when I get hassled on the street.

… In response to the weird behavior of a friend or co-worker I have no idea what to do with.

… At minute 9 of my roommate’s story when I suddenly realize I zoned out back at minute 2… (sorry, roomie)

Saying “IIIInteresting” gets me out of a lot of other, more thoughtful responses!

Where did I re-discover the usefulness of this rather ambidextrous word?

One night, my roommate and I were hanging out when I put on some of my favorite chapters of the Stuff Christians Like audio book. Acuff suggests using “interesting” as a good substitute to replace the empty promise, “I’ll pray for you” that Christians throw out a lot, but rarely follow through on. He’s got other suggestions, one including pocket candy…

Acuff does delightful satire of American Christian culture. He always offers a good chance for Christians to laugh at their oddities. His serious stuff is really thoughtful and transparent.

So if you need a good laugh at the mid-point of our week… check out Jon Acuff and his Stuff Christians Like blog!