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Quick! Get it while its free!

Okay, admittedly that means you’ll have to download it today… sorry this Wednesday Shout Out comes on such short notice, but I just listened to this yesterday.

This American Life is a radio show which airs on NPR stations. You can also download it at their website. I usually love the stories they produce each week around different themes. This week’s show is called “DIY” and is an amazing story about an 18-year old immigrant is falsely accused and put in prison for a murder he was in no way involved with. He is in prison for TWENTY-ONE years! The story is about the team that gathers from amazingly different corners – including his best friend (a fellow immigrant), a real-estate lawyer working out of his house and the brother of the boy who was murdered.

If you’re not crying by the end of this show, there is something wrong with you. (I say that because I couldn’t control myself by the end and don’t want to feel alone in that…)

Each show’s week is free, but after the week is over (on Thursday, I’m pretty sure) you’ll have to pay $.99… which would be well worth it.

After you download the show (HEY – I said download… stop here until you’ve started the download!) and listen, check out organizations like the International Justice Mission and get involved in bringing justice to those who are without someone to advocate for them!