Were We Crazy?

I don’t know what made me agree to go with my friend Carolina up into the sky. Dangling above the Arabian Ocean suspended by a parachute being pulled by a boat doesn’t normally sound like my idea of fun. But she really wanted to go and needed a friend so…

If it hadn’t been for her and my friends Jen & Bryan (Jen came along to take pictures… like the one above), I probably would have turned back mid-way to the launching pad. They all thought my wry comments about a possible early death were just me kidding around…

But once we got up there – I couldn’t believe how amazing it was! The ground noise receded. In front of us was the whole Arabian Ocean. And behind – the huge, amazing country where we live. We floated… I felt weightless. I spread my arms as if I were a hawk enjoying the sea breeze.

I just read a blog about trying new things and experimenting… even if it could possibly fail. I’m not really good at that. I like routine. I like normal, everyday, unadventurous things I know can’t possibly go wrong.

I don’t like bringing up difficult topics with a friend.

I don’t like setting out on a new project.

I don’t like just driving and seeing where the road takes me.

I don’t even like new roads.

And I definitely don’t like floating in the air attached to nothing but a boat-dragged parachute.

Or do I?

Its comfortable down here on all the familiar roads that go to all the familiar locations with all the familiar people. Even if life isn’t as good as it could be… its fairly safe.

But if I don’t step away from what is safe and normal and instead…

… talk to the friend who needs to hear something difficult…

… step out and meet the need I feel totally under-prepared to serve…

… start the new project, travel the different road, make the new friend…

then maybe the friend never meets Jesus, maybe the next article or even a book never gets written, the new favorite place doesn’t get discovered.

So I challenge you to do something abnormal. You can start small… check out a new restaurant (or cook together as a family, for a change!), take a long drive in the other direction, or read a book you wouldn’t normally pick up.

Or if you’re in the mood for a bit of a bigger change…

… then I suggest being harnessed to a parachute and getting pulled around by a boat.

Post here, once you’ve done something a little crazy. What did you do to make life a little less familiar and a little more adventurous? How did it go?