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After the Christmas-party-craziness of last week, I experienced a bit of a letdown this week. Had it all been worth it? Did anyone actually remember the Christmas story which I’d practiced in Hindi unto exhaustion?

Well, Tuesday night I got my answer when my next door neighbor girl (7 years old) recounted the Christmas story back to me. It was completely unsolicited… we were just playing around when she began to tell it. I was completely shocked (oh me of little faith!) that she point-by-point remembered the angel’s words, Mary and Joseph’s various reactions, and the state of the family at Jesus’ birth. I was so blessed to see that someone had benefitted from all that work, I could’ve cried!

Then again… the other neighbor girl told a story in which a lion bit off a fox’s paw and then Jesus showed up and healed the fox’s paw…

Soooo, we still have a ways to go…