This week’s Wednesday “shout out” is to High Street Hymns (highstreethymns.com). I downloaded some of their Christmas music (from their album Love Shall Be Our Token) off of a free music site (Noisetrade) and it’s been a lovely addition to my Christmas music collection.

They’ve got a pretty simply sound… mellow guitar, drums, piano; one male lead voice with a woman harmonizing. But simple doesn’t mean boring. In the songs I’ve downloaded, I feel like they’ve captured a certain note of wonder or marvel which I really appreciate in Christmas music. Plus, they’ve not just redone all the usual Christmas songs… but added some great new ones with beautiful lyrics and that sense of “Christmas magic” in their sound.

I haven’t explored their site completely, but it looks like they really want to be helpful to those taking this music into their church and provide downloadable chord and lead sheets. Once Christmas is over, I’ll be checking their website for more music.

Especially since after I downloaded this Christmas music, the founder & director sent me an emailed note of thanks, with a coupon for discounts at their store.  That’s something else that will make me a fan!