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To Whom It May Concern;

First of all, let me say thank you for all of the Hollywood films you’ve dubbed into Hindi. I often watch Hindi films to keep my mind thinking in Hindi even when I can no longer actively work mentally in my second language. I especially appreciate your efforts when I’m feeling a bit homesick and want to watch a familiar film.

However, usually watching these dubbed films carries with it a bit of frustration. This is related to your choice of voices dubbed onto some of my favorite characters.

In a couple of the action movies I’ve watched with a good friend, you dubbed the villain with a voice that was fairly high (though still definitely male) and a bit unsteady – like maybe it belonged to a teenager… I don’t think that quite conveyed the fear-striking presence the movie’s makers were going for…

In Spiderman, Peter Parker’s voice was manly, fairly deep and not at all dorky… Spiderman’s geeky alter ego is about 75% responsible for his being my favorite superhero!

My most recent watch was Rear Window, an old Alfred Hitchcock film with Jimmy Stuart. The voice you had dubbing for Stuart was deep, dignified and almost completely emotionless. It sounded like it could belong to James Earl Jones…

I would like to make a few suggestions…

The James Earl Jones sound-alike (previously Jimmy Stuart’s voice) should be permanently reassigned to play all villains (especially if you intend to dub Star Wars).

The teen-sound-alike who used to dub the villains can be switched to all future Spiderman movies (and all other lovably dorky characters, check with me first).

Then, take our old Peter Parker’s voice, add a touch of nervous waver and re-assign him to play Jimmy Stuart (I would request he get right to work on It’s a Wonderful Life for the holiday season).

Thanks again for all your work!
Sincerely Yours,