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Usually when I write about the Whisper – I’m thinking directly about the ever-present witness of the Spirit who guides and counsels.  But this past week, I was thinking about how we’re called to whisper into the lives of others. Perhaps I feel it most keenly here because everything – culture, family, habit – all run counter to the message I whisper. And in the din of it all, how small is my whisper!

But in the US we experience it too. When you’re the only friend advising against an action. When it seems your kids are absorbing more from their peers than your instruction. When, week after week, your Sunday School messages seem to make little impact in others’ lives. Amidst TV persona’s advice, advertising images, cultural foes and family patterns – our whisper of Biblical challenge or comfort seems so very inadequate.

But I think of the people who’ve faithfully whispered into my life. In the car after a ride home, while sitting at a piano, when being tucked into bed, at a conference – so many people who’ve faithfully whispered even when I was only half listening. Some of their whispers took years to be heard. But they remained faithful to whisper – so that when I finally stopped to listen, their wise, godly counsel is what I heard.

And that gives me hope that maybe one day my whispers here will be heard.

So to those who’ve whispered in classrooms and Church rooms – thank you. Your faithfulness has reflected the character of the One who whispered through you. I love you.

And to those to whom I whisper today – I pray to be as faithful to you as those were who grew hoarse whispering to me. So that one day, when you have ears to listen, the Whisperer is who’ll you’ll hear.