Most of my afternoon was spent today traveling around on the back of a motorbike going from one government office to the next trying to find someone with the proper ranking and motivation to help me complete my registration. In the middle of the craziness, I had a lot of waiting time to think and some random thoughts floated by. Like…

  • “Wow! I didn’t know every muscle in my calves, thighs, hips, abdomen and left arm could all be simultaneously tensed! Indian women (who do this all the time) must have the strongest core muscles in the world! And who knew my ankles had so many muscles with which I can wrap my foot all the way around the foot stand!”
    While riding on the motorbike “sidesaddle”, the only proper way a woman would ride with a man on a motorbike! Both of your legs are on one side of the bike, your feet propped up on a metal bar and your left arm grasping another bar behind you to hang on! Riding this way is one of the hardest things I have ever physically done. Incredible.  
  • “Thank you for making me aware of how far out my knees stick while sitting on the motorbike sideways like this. I appreciate the information. I also appreciate that last little swerve you did so I could keep my kneecaps. You’re too kind.
    To the man on the other motorbike who flew by us a little too close for comfort…
  • “Was that one really necessary?”
    To whoever built the road we drove on today that decided jarring speed bumps every fifty feet were the latest in road fashion. My lower back thanks him.
  • “I suppose it would be better if we viewed that as a ‘thank you gift’ and not the other word that comes to mind…”
    Upon watching the man before me leave various products on an official’s desk as the official signed some sort of business permit.
  • “Shoulda brought a snack.”
    While entering our second hour of chasing down paper work.
  • “I wonder if the ‘woman trick’ of crying, playing a bit dumb and batting eyelashes works as well here as it can in the US… And could I pull it off?”
    While waiting with one of the office workers who’d just told us we needed another piece of paperwork. I’m not proud of it, ladies.

… So now you know the things that flit through my head on days like today…